Emily NoharaAbout

New lights begin to breathe new air
Too much for the lungs—   it hurts—
Too much for the eyes—    it sees too much—

                           Now Love


                        in me.

There’s a strange taste on my tongue
where infinite lays with infinite
dusk meets horizon
and where east meets west

I see my body, my toes, my legs
limbs together, torso in line

My body, my vessel
here to serve

love meets blue

I am here.

I feel myself

                                        I feel myyyyyyyyyyself
In mysellllllllllllf
                                                    In myyyyyyself

                 deep ocean
                 I am.

This change is good, I tell myself
                                     “Yough gotta work for it,
                                                                            then you play”

I believe in you
                                          these sweet humms of bees
                                             in lilacs covered in yellow
I believe in you
                                          new belly turns with hope
                                          unseen on fresh horizon

They stir

                   In Me

                                              a    new    warmth

                                                                        untouched by a mother
                      who, with a wavering hand, touched the face of her dauther unrecognized
 umbilical cords saughtered a connection into halves
while one clung to the other to be two equals one
                                                                     the other ran away.

for one half must belly itself up
fill it with the basking sun’s glow,
water stream into the gorge
                                                                        of a hole
ready to swell all of the earth

Through uncovering


one half of a daughter becomes


Legs warm
                       this well
                       where hands cusp to hold the water

                       springs daisy from nothingness

          to the air
                          of lives once lived come alive
                          in between two legs warm

With grace
                   stood still
                                      with lips

          the smell of oranges, peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling
          sucked slowly till pockets drained
          and sweetness encapsulated into another

What is divine? When we call flowers to the mouth
                                                                                        open to bees and flies intertwine,
                                                                                        not deciphering,
in and out, buzzzz, buzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzing.

           heed unknowing thoughts, though of course not to blame,
           when the eyes see beauty, all stand still
           to a flame that is GLOWING